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we do our very best to offer you the best produce there is and friendly service.

if the money for our expenditures fell from the sky, it would be great. But it doesn't...

dear guest of whiteRoom, your donation is vital for continuing with what we offer you here and in the future.

that's why we put small prices on our menu which are just sufficient to pay the expenditures.

with these prices we've put the sign + as this is a NON-PROFIT company who cuts the staff in.

so, your generosity in making an appropriate donation is most appreciated! any spare money will be put into our environment 
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We did our best to find the best produce on the market for you. But if you have an idea for another excellent product, do not hesitate to inspire us.

We see to it that every item used by us complies with highest possible environmental standards such as our
Sugarcane tableware

Our sugarcane tableware is made of bamboo, sugarcane and reed fibres. When extracting sugar from the marrow of the sugarcane, you get a so-called plant biomass (cellulose fibre) which is usually burnt. The sugarcane is rolled and pressed to gain the syrup. After water and a natural thickener are added, the fibres are milled into a fine mass, processed and pressed into moulds. From a single sugarcane, about 50 disposable plates are extracted. 

Disposable sugarcane tableware have a long lifespan, are water- and grease repellent, heat- and cold-resistant and allow to be used in micro-waves and freezers. Without compunction, you can dispose of sugarcane tableware as compost or burn it. The burning of this kind of cellulose does not cause any poisonous substances.